Alastair Toft

Computer Science Graduate

About Me

Hi, I'm Alastair. I make things with computers!

I'm a graduate in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge, and I work as a programmer at Studio Gobo. is my strangely named personal website where you can find some of my projects past and present, including programming, web design, games and level design. This is also the place to get in touch with me, or check out my blog.



More about what I'm up to now.

Contact me for a copy of my CV.


I wrote about my first two years at university on Tumblr.

You can find my latest articles at my new blog on Medium, where I'll write about CompSci, coding and whatever I feel like.


These are a few of the things I've worked on recently, grouped roughly into categories. Further projects not listed here can be found on my old site.


In real life, you might find me somewhere in Brighton, Cambridge, or Weymouth, England.

Online, I'm easier to track down. You can reach me at the links below:

email Email